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Registration and Ticketing

Reservation Management



Events are the driving force behind your company’s success. Whether you’re registering attendees, selling tickets or souring and booking hotel rooms and meeting space, our team is ready to help you with both the right technology and the personalized service to help you do more with your time, and to maximum your income.


Rather than using different systems for sourcing hotels, making reservations, registering guest and/or selling ticket, let us show you how our you, your customers and guests can all use the same single data source for your event from start to finish.


Whether it is Tradeshow, a Festival, a Meeting or Conference, we can provide additional services such a call-center to support registration and/or ticketing, or management services for your room blocks and accounting that free up more of your time to earn more money.

Our Technology

Our proprietary Event Management System – called Quemsys – is making waves as a remarkably agile tool combining multiple event management features in one easy-to-use platform. To learn more, please visit our companion website.

  • Online tools to make, modify and manage reservations
  • Customizable reporting for partner clients, hotels, and guests
  • Room block and sub-block management tools
  • Affordable pricing and customized service levels


Although Quemsys has all of the technology you need to manage your event faster than ever before, having a helping hand can be invaluable when it comes to providing site selection and negotiations, or to answer calls or emails about registering, buying a ticket or making a hotel reservation. Or maybe you need help monitoring rooming lists and working with hotels for changes and/or billing issues. Whatever ala carte service you may need, we likely have the solution to help you do that as well.


Think of us as another set of hands answering calls about your event to help register, sell tickets or make and modify hotel reservations.


Let us help you send out RFPs for your event and monitor and/or negotiate hotel contracts for you in ways that help your bottom line take off.


We can also help with decision making about contracting hotels, avoiding attrition, or other ways to use Quemsys to your best advantage.


Quemsys provides so much detail-rich information, it can be overwhelming. We’re happy to help you analyze your event and find ways to make more money next time.


Throughout the process you may want extra help creating reports, sending to key stakeholders, or teaching your customers or staff how to make more of the data.


Sometimes you don’t realize you need a little extra help, whether it is onsite or at the last minute. You can always reach out, we’re happy to see if we can help.

Sourcing, Registration/Ticketing & Housing

Our proprietary technology, called Quemsys (Quantum Event Management System) is being adopted more and more by Association Management Companies, Event Organizers, Hotels, and Destinations because of its unique features and customizable, adaptable methods. Some of our best innovations were a result event professionals providing insight into what they want most from a system to streamline registration and/or ticketing as well as the Sourcing and booking of hotel rooms.

Quemsys by Delmay

Customers benefit from connecting information about exhibitors and/or attendees with incredible tools, knowledge and reporting. Knowing more about how the event is trending in terms of sales and attendance are important to the planning process. And having the tools to source the right hotels and/or meeting space in the same system that will provide inventory to attendees as they make their reservations. Our executive team brings many years of experience in hospitality management and platform development, which means our system was built for the industry by people from the industry.

Clients who partner with us benefit from participating in the process that connects information about the exhibitors and attendees with incredible tools, knowledge and reporting. Hoteliers benefit from simple access and communication with their systems. Our executive team brings years of experience in hospitality management and platform development that includes hotel contracting and negotiations.

Levels of Service

  • System use only
  • Support to load contracts/inventory
  • System Access to Reports
  • No Call Center
  • Unlimited System Use
  • Contract/Inventory loading
  • System Access to Reports
  • Limited Call Center Services
  •  Limited Room Block Management
  •  Hotel Communications and Access
  •  Limited Post Event Services
  • Hotel Contracting/Negotiations
  • Unlimited System Use
  • Contract/Inventory loading
  • System Access to Reports
  • Call Center Services
  • Room Block Management
  •  Hotel Communications and Access
  •   Post Event Services

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