The Ultimate Booking Engine

Introducing the Quantum Reservation System™

Our proprietary housing software makes it fast and easy for Clients and Meeting Planners to manage and fulfill multiple hotel blocks. And it delivers a user-friendly booking engine for exhibitors and attendees of meetings, conferences and conventions to manage their reservations. The booking engine is detail-rich and the process seamless with a variety of integration options.

Reservation Management at Your Fingertips

Clients who partner with us benefit from participating in the process that connects information about the exhibitors and attendees with incredible tools, knowledge and reporting. Hoteliers benefit from simple access and communication with their systems. Our executive team brings over 50 years of experience in hospitality management and platform development that includes hotel contracting and negotiations.

The Quantum Reservation System™

The Quantum Reservation System™ is our proprietary Housing Software, and it provides reliable reservations management, while using a seamless process for attendees and exhibitors to book their reservations directly from the event’s website. Our Partner Clients benefit from participating in the process that connects information about their exhibitors and attendees with incredible online tools, knowledge, and reporting. From the time we negotiate the hotel contract(s), to the promotion of the event, and all the way through check-out, Delmay and Partners is a PARTNER you can trust. Hotels included in our programs tell us they prefer our solution, and look forward to participating in events we house because they can stay on top of new reservations, and easily manage the many changes with existing reservations through our Hotel Access Portal, which gives them the ability to upload and download information in direct communication with our system. Take our Video Tour to learn more... Please call us at (866) 848-5509